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THE PEOPLE EATER from Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) People Eater is the mayor of Gas Town, a facility which produces gasoline. He acts and dresses like a …

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Working on "Mad Max: ... and there was perhaps none more awful than the People Eater, played by John Howard. "I can't remember where the idea came from to give him that gas mask catheter. I ...

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Gas Town driver thrown off The People Eater's Limousine by Max 83. The People Eater shot by Immortan Joe FIRECAR #3 - FDK rammed by the War Rig and explodes 84. Gas Town flamer rammed by the War Rig 85. Gas Town driver rammed by the War Rig 86. Gas Town polecat run over by the Doof Wagon THE PEOPLE EATER'S LIMOUSINE blown up. THE CLAYPANS: 87.

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Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) Quotes. Showing all 82 items ... The People Eater: We are down 30,000 units of gasoline, 19 canisters of nitro, 12 assault bikes, ... [Throws Joe's mask hose into the rear wheels of his vehicle, tearing off his lower face and killing him instantly]

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If all of the above doesn't impress you, then take a look at this special Q&A feature we have with Colin Gibson the (Production Designer) for Mad Max Fury Road.On Mad Max: Fury Road, you were faced with the task of making vehicles that look cool but that are also sturdy enough to survive the rigors of filming in the Namibian desert. That has to create a ton of difficulties, marrying the ...

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The Pole Cats firs reveal themselves on the horizon in the Gas Town vehicular armada led by The People Eater. They do not partake in any combat until the final chase sequences. As The War Rig races back to The Citadel the Pole vehicles approach and attack the tanker. The Pole Cats land on the vehicle sustaining severe damage to its crew.

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Immortan Joe is the main antagonist of the 2015 Warner Bros. film Mad Max: Fury Road.He is the tyrannical and ruthless ruler of the Cult of the V8, as well as the most powerful of the warlords controlling the wastelands.. He rules the wasteland from his Citadel, keeping his citizenry in line through use of the aquifer concealed under his fortress, encouraging them to worship him as a messiah.

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Synopsis: After World War III leveled the Outback, Max is reduced to being a scavanger, with his only companion being his dog. But this changes when one day he and a pilot make a deal with an oil refinery to protect them from Lord Humungus, the leader of a vicious gang of marauders, in exchange for a life-time supply of gas.

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The People Eater finds an unusual use for a gas mask Mad Max: Fury Road is packed to bursting with colorful characters, and few are as colorful as the People Eater.

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Mad Max: Fury Road, ... Immortan Joe of the Citadel, the Bullet Farmer of the Bullet Farm, and the People Eater of Gas Town. These warlords control the land's water, weapons, and gasoline respectively. This theory argues that these men were in fact the cause of the apocalypse, each representing a different horseman. ...

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Max and Furiosa kill some of the War Boys, while Max gets Joe to kill The People Eater by using him as a human shield. The Keeper of the Seeds is also killed when one of the War Boys cuts her neck. Toast is captured by Joe and held hostage.

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Mad Max: Fury Road marks the return of Max Rockatansky 30 years after he last graced our screens…and he's as badass as ever. Set forty five years after the world has fallen, with no rules and no laws Fury Road centres around the theft of Immortan Joe's most prised possessions at the hands of Imperator Furiosa who commands the War Rig.

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With Immortan Joe dead, Furiosa was seemingly taken in to the Citadel by the acclaim of the people. However the remaining War Boys seem hesitant. And although the Bullet Farmer and the People Eater are dead, the Bullet Farm and Gas Town still have their infrastructure in place as well as any of their soldiers left behind, and a significant ...

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The Death of the Bullet Farmer and the People Eater I'm not sure if I'm one of the first to point this out or if it's been noted before but, the deaths of the Bullet Farmer and the People Eater really hit me this morning as I was discussing the film with a friend who just recently got to experience it.

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Dag tries to but cannot break it. Furiosa sees from the distance that Joe has gathered reinforcements from the other towns that supply gas and ammunition to the Citadel, led by The People Eater (John Howard) and The Bullet Farmer (Richard Carter). Max and Furiosa fight as he tries to break himself off Nux. Nux wakes up and helps Max fight Furiosa.

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Nightmare Fuel /. Mad Max: Fury Road. Okay, they finally got his mom's leather face off. That was creepy, and now we can see what he l—- OH DEAR GOD! Max's Sanity Slippage after the loss of his family is even amplified further here, where he's shown more than once hallucinating about all the people he failed to save.

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What is the back story of Gas Town in Mad Max: Fury Road?

Answer (1 of 3): Gas Town is a city built around an oil refinery under the control of The People Eater, the fat guy with nipples' piercings shown in the movie. Gas Town control was given to him by Immortan Joe as he was the one that told him about the existance of the Citadel (according to comics...

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In Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), the People Eater is a businessman who is the mayor of Gas Town. Inside of his limousine is an abacus for keeping records of lost gas, blood, and soldiers. His steering wheel is adorned with human hair, because he is a known cannibal. This may be why he can be obese.

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Max has a limp (and a bad case of PTSD). Furiosa is missing an arm. Nux has two tumors slowly killing him. Even the people in power are ill. Immortan Joe must wear an oxygen mask and has a skin disease that requires him to wear a full suit of clear armor. The mayor of Gas Town, The People Eater, suffers from extreme obesity and its complications.

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Synopsis. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Max is a drifter who discovers a community under the control of Immortan Joe. With help from Imperator Furiosa, a group of enslaved women attempts a daring escape – leading to an epic chase across the barren wastelands. Mad Max: Fury Road is the fourth installment of the Mad Max franchise.

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The way i heard it explained is that Gastown was almost entirely male-populated and over time they developed some weird fetishes, which are reflected in some S/M designs of the flame boys and definitely the Peopl Eater. I think the People Eater actually has his colostomy bag in the movie, I'm sure I've seen it in the back seat of his rig.

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Be careful! Protect the assets!The People Eater The People Eater is the mayor of Gas Town and a supporting antagonist in Mad Max: Fury Road. He is portrayed by John Howard. Before becoming The People Eater, he was a banker. He first encountered Colonel Joe Moore's band before the aquifer was discovered. The People Eater narrowly escaped a bloody rampage from ex-MFP officers (including …