NOTES: The U.S. Army reclassified the officer's service dress uniform as "semi dress" in 1949 with the reintroduction of the Army Blue Dress uniforms. This was the final version of the famous "Pinks and Greens" before they began to be phased out in 1956.

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The black cape is approximately knee length and will extend at least 1 inch below the skirt hem of the Army mess uniform short skirts (see fig 27.6). (3) How worn. The cape may be worn with the Army blue and white dress uniforms, and with the Army blue, black, white, and all-white mess and evening mess uniforms. b. Cape, blue, (officers ...


Use our U.S. Army Male Officer Army Service Uniform (ASU) Builder to create an entire ensemble from scratch or select only those items you need to augment an existing ASU. Select your Officer or Warrant Officer grade (O-1 to O-6 and W-1 to W-5) and choose your branch of Service, and the ASU Builder will make the appropriate selections for several uniform items, such as Service Cap (cap braid ...

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The Army is a profession. By wearing the uniform of the U.S. Army, Soldiers follow the legacy of those who served before them. Our uniforms embody the professionalism and commitment to the Army ...

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Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia History. Policy), 300 Army Pentagon, Washing-This publication is a major re-vision. ton, DC 22310 Summary. tions or waivers to this regulation that are This regulation prescribes Department of the Army policy for proper wear and appearance of Army uniforms and insignia, as worn by officers and en-

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United States Navy Uniform Regulations – see regulations for Dinner Dress Uniforms in chapter 3; note that only officers have White Tie equivalents (known as Formal Dress) Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia PDF – see Blue Mess & Blue Evening Mess (Black Tie and White Tie equivalents, respectively) in chapters 24 and 25 (male ...

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The various blue uniforms ceased to be worn after 1917. However, the white mess uniform for commissioned and warrant officers was authorized again in 1921. In 1928, wearing of the full range of blue dress uniforms was authorized for all ranks, but only …

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Chain Mail on Maj Dhruv Yadav's Blue Patrol. 6A/6B: The code 6 is the mess dress for the Indian Army. The 6 Alpha is the white mess/formal dress for winters similar to the blue patrol. It is worn with a white coat with black trousers. It is worn very rarely as officers prefer blue patrol over 6A.

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The U.S. Army Male Enlisted Blue Mess Uniform is worn for black-tie functions and corresponds to a civilian tuxedo.Its basic components are the Army Blue Mess Jacket, light-blue high-waisted trousers, a white semiformal dress shirt with turndown collar, black bow tie, and black cummerbund.

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Never wore the blue infantry cord, but I was assigned to units authorized to wear the fourragere. For the mess dress and blues: "Officers authorized to wear a fourragere or lanyard on the blue coat must attach a 20 ligne button to the left shoulder seam, 1/2 inch outside the collar edge."

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The Civil Air Patrol mess dress uniform is identical to the U.S. Air Force mess dress uniform, except that the silver braid on the jacket and officer rank insignia (shoulder boards) of the U.S. Air Force mess dress uniform is replaced with dark blue braid, and a Civil Air Patrol seal device 3" in size (either embroidered in bullion or finished ...

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(2) A gold-colored rayon or golden-lite rayon or nylon braid, 1/4 inch wide, and of variable length. The small service stripe braid is authorized for wear by all enlisted Soldiers on the Army blue and white dress, mess, and evening mess uniforms. Soldiers must wear the small service stripes when wearing small rank insignia. c. How worn.


There are several variations in the Army's Male General Blue Mess uniform that differentiate it from the version worn by Enlisted personnel and all lower-ranked Officers in several ways. One of the most noticeable differences is the trousers color—dark-blue instead of the light-blue worn by lower ranks.

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Uniform Rules for Veterans and Retirees . The rules for wearing military uniforms as a retired military member or a discharged veteran are similar for all the services. There are certain rules for those seeking to wear the uniform for formal functions, national holidays, parades, military funerals and weddings and other military occasions.

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Officers Insignia. Blue Mess Uniform shoulder bars. The 1902 regulations eliminated the Blue Mess uniform. The regulation was modified to continue the uniform until existing stock was issued. It was finally discontinued in 1917.

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Officers wear the shoulder knots attached to the shoulders of the Army blue jacket. e. Sleeve ornamentation. (1) General officers wear a cuff of blue-black velvet braid 4 inches in width, positioned 1/8 inch from the bottom edge of each sleeve. A band of oak leaves in groups of two, 1 inch in width, are embroidered on each cuff of braid, 1 inch ...

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The Army blue evening mess uniform comprises the Army blue mess jacket, dark- or light-blue high-waisted trousers, white formal dress shirt with a wing collar, white vest, and white bow tie. The blue trousers are cut along the lines of civilian dress trousers, with a …


Worn at black-tie functions and serving as the equivalent of a civilian tuxedo, the U.S. Army Male Officer Blue Mess Uniform primarily consists of the Army Blue Mess Jacket, light-blue high-waisted trousers, a white semiformal dress shirt with turndown collars (aka a "tuxedo shirt"), black bow tie, and a black cummerbund.All Accessories worn with the Blue Mess Uniform can be found on this ...

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(2) The Army blue evening mess uniform comprises the Army blue jacket, the Army blue full-length skirt, the formal white blouse with black dress neck tab, and the black cummerbund (see fig 17–3). 17-3: Accessories. The following accessories are normally worn with the blue mess uniform. a. Buttons (see para 20–4). b.


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a. The blue mess uniform is worn for black-tie functions and corresponds to a civilian tuxedo. The blue evening mess uniform is the most formal uniform worn by Army personnel and corresponds to the civilian "white tie and tails." b. Personnel may wear the black …

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The Blue Mess Uniform by AR 670-1 is specified in two variations - the Blue Mess Uniform with a short skirt and the Blue Evening Mess Uniform with the long skirt. The occasion for wear for either of these is: Social functions of a general or official nature, held after retreat. All private, formal social functions held after retreat.

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The Blue Mess Uniform is worn year-round for black tie functions and corresponds to a civilian tuxedo. The Blue Evening Mess Uniform is the most formal uniform worn by Army personnel and corresponds to the civilian "white tie and tails." The following are appropriate occasions for personnel to wear the Army Blue Mess and Blue Evening Mess Uniforms: