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These can give clues to how the Danish uniforms looked like during the first decade of the 18th century. At that time the Danish army mainly wore light grey coats with a distinctive regimental colour on the lining and facings. A new regulation from 24 October 1711 decreed that the Danish army henceforth should wear red coats.

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They and the handful of former Weacht general officers who had remained in uniform were the last of a breed. The shooting may have stopped in 1945, but the arc of World War II remained a living force in the armies of the world for years afterward. MH. Retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. David T. Zabecki is Historynet's chief military historian.

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Throughout the history of Danish Army uniforms, the uniform actually worn in peacetime has differed form the cur-rent officially adopted pattern. The reason for this was that the Army's war strength has always been based on larger numbers of trained reservists, which permitted the peacetime establishment to expand up to 20 times on mobilisation.

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The Cold War in Denmark. Denmark's strategic position. Denmark's position as the "plug in the Baltic" was, if not vital, so vitally important to NATO during the Cold War. The only way out of the Baltic was through Danish waters. No cargo or warships were able to pass the Danish straits without being observed or, at worst, shot at.

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Answer (1 of 5): Finland was not in the position to decide it's own security policy during the Cold War. There was no "Nordic military alliance" between Ginland and Sweden back then. Finland was in a so called "friendship and security pact" with the USSR. And it was the USSR who ultimately decid...

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For the related factions in the Modern Warfare series, see Russian Ground Forces, Loyalists and Ultranationalists. For the Sub-faction in the Modern Warfare games and Call of Duty: Black Ops, see Spetsnaz. "Ura!" — Battle cry The Soviet Armed Forces (Russian: Вооружённые Силы Советского Союза), also referred to as the Red Army, is a faction that appears in Call ...

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The uniform shown here is the Woodland camouflaged pattern battle dress uniform worn by U.S. military personnel throughout the latter part of the Cold war. Appropriately called battle dress because of it's intended use in combat environments versus garrison uniforms, the BDU design was based primarily on the woodland colors of Northern Europe ...

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Prior to the English Civil War of 1642–51 the only significant instances of uniform dress in British military culture occurred in small bodyguard units, notably the Yeoman of the Guard.During the Civil War the Parliamentary New Model Army adopted a fairly standardised pattern of red clothing, a practice which continued with the small regular English Army of the Restoration period.

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However, Denmark's level of financial contributions to NATO fluctuated during the Cold War. So while it participated in NATO projects, its defence spending remained comparatively low at different periods of time throughout the Cold War. From 1949 to the late 1970s, Denmark sought both to deter and reassure the Soviet Union.

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The Army's and Marine Corps' latest uniform changes hint at preparations for a looming 'big-ass fight' ... Among the latest moves is the roll out of more cold-weather gear among the US Army …

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The army decided to order a Danish copy of the French A.R.S. - M.1917 and a metal sheet container. All masks and containers were produced in Denmark after 1930 / 31. In the late 1930's the Danish army wanted a new mask and decided on the M.1938. A dstinctly "German" design, as it is very similar to the German Heeresgasmaske 1924 or the GM30's.

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The Feldanzug, Olivfarben was inspired by the olive green service uniforms worn by uniforms of Germany's NATO partners such as the OG-107 uniform worn by the United States Army. The uniform itself consisted of field trousers, a field jacket, field shirt, field cap which could be substituted by a side cap or beret and combat boots.

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The Welfare Defence: Military Security and Social Welfare in Denmark from 1848 to the Cold War Klaus Petersen∗ Abstract: »Die Wohlfahrtsverteidigung: Militärische Sicherheit und Soziale Wohlfahrt in Dänemark von 1848 bis zum kalten Krieg«. In this article, I discuss the connection between security and social policy strategies in Denmark from

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