It is Legal to Own and Wear Body armour in the UK?

In the European Union, ballistic protection that is considered 'for main military usage' is restricted to civilians. In the United Kingdom, there are currently no legal restrictions on the purchase and ownership of body armour. In the United States it is legal to purchase and possess body armour, except for a …

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Plates Body Armor ESBI 7.62mm APM2 Protection Ballistic Small Pair ARMOR PLATES This is a seldom-used pair of ESBI 7.62mm APM2 Protection Ballistic Insert Body Armor Plates. Size small. Each measures 7" X 8" X 7/8" I cannot see any damage anywhere. All corners are sealed. Plates will be shipped within 48 hours of cleared payment.

Switchblade International

Ballistic Protection | Body Armour. Switchblade International Level 3A Soft body armour + Level 4 plates (x2) (UK) Product details. Switchblade International Level 3 Plate, Standalone (1.5kg) Product details. Switchblade International Level IV ICW …

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Keltic Clothing - UK body armour protection supplier for lightweight / heavyweight high-quality ballistic & stab-proof vests that are comfortable, and discreet. [email protected] 08450 66 66 99


SOFT ARMOUR SOLUTIONS The core ballistic part of every unit of body armour is a pack of ballistic material. The composition of the internal ballistic material is determined by the protection required. Each vest will contain a front and back ballistic pack, and depending on the requirement may also

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Police protective equipment. The Police Protective Equipment database holds information on protective equipment that has met the test requirements and standards of the Home Office. You can search by equipment type, model number or test reference on the left side of this page.

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Ballistic Body Armour We offer you certified protection packages in different protection classes according tonational and international standards and guidelines in a suitable vest design for you and your intended use. Test certification is available for all protection packages offered, …

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UK Manufacturer of Bullet, Knife, Spike and Stab Resistant Body Armour. Jack Ellis personal protection vests are bullet, fragmentation, knife, spike and stab resistant. Our personal protection range includes a wide spectrum of threat protection ranging from small metallic fragments to armour piercing ammunition.

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CES Defense Technologies Inc. develops lightweight armour products to meet continuously increasing requirements and high threat levels. Using reliable and world's most advanced materials, we provide our customers with solutions for unusually demanding and critical applications.

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Hard Shell is a trusted and reliable manufacturer of Ballistic Products with exceptional expertise in dealing with complex challenges. At Hard Shell, we adhere to well-established quality management and product design principles. This allows our body armour products to set a new quality and performance benchmark in the industry.

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Fortress Armour is a UK supplier of body armour and ballistic protection products. Our armour is commonly referred to as a "stab vest" or "bullet proof vest" as those terms are more known to the general public. Our leading product is our soft body armour package which offer knife and ballistic protection in a fully adjustable concealed ...

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Today we are an established supplier to police forces across the United Kingdom and offer an extensive range of products including body armour, ballistic hard armour plates, tactical load carriage vests, ballistic helmets, equipment pouches, lightweight ballistic shields and specialist items such as blankets and unloading bags.

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Armasure is simply dedicated to providing the UK with affordable, high quality body armour, bullet proof vests, ballistic insert plates and helmets for all those in the line of fire. We are a leading supplier of personal body armour and have stock of bulletproof jackets, vests, ballistic insert plates and helmets at NIJ IIIA, NIJ III and NIJ IV protection levels.

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Leading UK Body Armour Supplier. This is the official online store for Armasure, Always the cheapest place to buy new, genuine Armasure body armour, bullet proof vests, ballistic insert plates and helmets. Learn more about Armasure on our company website. Ballistic Insert Armour Plates Helmets

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A bulletproof vest, also known as a ballistic vest or a bullet-resistant vest, is an item of body armor that helps absorb the impact and reduce or stop penetration to the torso from firearm-fired projectiles and fragmentation from explosions. The vest may come in a soft form, as worn by many police officers, prison guards, security guards and some private citizens.

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Welcome to Armourshield UK Body Armour Manufacturers. Body Armour. ... Read More . Ballistic Plates. Armourshield manufactures in house a wide range of ballistic plates to upgrade soft armour bullet proof vests for protection against high velocity rifle fire and armour piercing rounds.

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Body Armor and Ballistic Protection. Body armor is a type of protective clothing designed to deflect or absorb projectile attacks. While ballistic protection from firearm ammo is the primary use for body armor, the level of protection extends to absorbing stab impact from knives and from items being thrown in the direction of the wearer.

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Fortis® Armour specialise in the manufacture and supply of personal protection products including body armour, stab vests, bulletproof vests, helmets, shields, ballistic blankets, ballistic protection and security equipment. All products carry internationally recognised certification.

UK Police (2007) HOSDB Body Armour Standards for

Ballistic resistant body armour shall also meet the requirements described in Part 1 of this standard. Compliance with Parts 1 and 2 of the HOSDB Body Armour Standard does not imply that the body armour provides protection from stabbing by knives or spikes. Compliance with Parts 1 and 3 of this

Ballistic body armour, NIJ IIIA and NIJ IV

At Intelligent Armour Limited, we manufacture our own body armour vests, ballistic plates and combat helmets in the UK. Our body armour systems are in use by a number of Government departments Worldwide, including the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the Department for International Development (DFID).

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Body Armor. United Shield International designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of market leading body armour products, which incorporate the latest high performance para aramid (Kevlar and Twaron), polyethylene and ceramic materials technology. Many of our staff have worked together for over twenty years, thus providing a wealth of ...

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All products including body armour, ballistic helmets, shields, blankets and rifle plates are manufactured under strict ISO 9001:2015 certification. Contact us to learn more about products, distribution and sales available in UK, EU and other locations outside the US. CONTACT INFORMATION. WARRINGTON, UK HQ Unit 5 Chesford Grange Woolston ...

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VestGuard UK Body Armour Vest Hard Armour Plate Ballistic Helmet Military Police Law Enforcement Humanitarian Maritime Security Press Media Personal Protection ...

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The Intelligent Armour Lightweight NIJ IV Ballistic Plate is designed to meet both NIJ III and NIJ IV (plus the ammunition as below) when used in conjunction with NIJ IIIA Body Armour. Lightweight ballistic plate, UK made . Weight: 2.15 kg +/- 5%

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Established in 2000 by Craig Mills, Defence Composites has built a long standing reputation in the Body Armour and Composites Industry. Driven by a passion for innovative design for new materials and processes we are constantly developing unique manufacturing methods from our facilities in Greater Manchester, UK.

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The Osprey Body Armour System has been designed to ensure maximum flexibility in the distribution of weight and integration of ballistic protection, without the need to compromise on combat effectiveness. This high quality, award-winning body armour has continually evolved to reduce weight and burden while striving to increase flexibility ...